Publish a Tiddlywiki file in a couchdb Database


  • Need to save TWED to a web server without the help of ftp
  • Problem to use existing upload.php files
  • Problem to install TiddlyWeb
  • The server is already based on Couchdb with his nice replication feature
  • Not existing (or not found) on the Internet
  • Test my brain on javascript/tiddlywiki/couchDb


CouchToiLaPlugin version alpha minus 1


  • GOOD: Just upload the local saved file to a local couchdb document
  • BAD: hardcoded parameters

Planned features

  • Allow change of parameters
  • Item in the backstage menu
  • Create backup record in db
  • Avoid local Save
  • Display save History

Why this name ??

I think you need to learn French joke.....

How to use it


  • Open a tiddlywiki
  • Add a tiddler and copy the CouchToiLa.js file inside
  • Set a systemConfig Tag
  • Save it
  • Reload the file
  • Now you can put a <<couchtoila>> tag in any tiddler

Be sure

  • To have a working Couchdb server on your workstation
  • A "twcouch" database in this server

Now what ??

Use and abuse , Give me feedback

Many thanks to Bidix for the Idea, and to Tiddlytools for the code sample