When you need to make portable documentation of virtual environment you need to simply combine some nice tools;

And after some hours of coding you have a good base of documentation : TiddlyEsxDoc

This is a compilation of existing script (nothing new here) with some adaptation to fit in a TiddlyWiki format. Personally, i use it daily to extract all infos on our hosting environment and, in combination of some nice TW plugins, I create my MicroCmdb where i maintain an overview of all applications and services that we offer to the public sector.

At this moment, the documentation is rewritten every day because powershell is not really a DOM writer ( but I've some hard discussion to find the best way), but you can use it like the beautiful healtcheck script or the useful DailyReport

I know that the documenter is not complete, that some variable are not delivered to the TW,
But for the moment, this is enough for my needs.
i'm now more focused on the MicroCmdb functionalities, and his filling (the hard, but real part of my job)

Be careful, this is my tools, and i know that i'm not a standard user.....
So before any usage, open the rar file, read the Readme and the ps1, change the base parameters and then .... it's up to you

Have fun with vi, powershell and Tiddlywiki