Unclephil is back on the public world.

After a long time of silence, i decide to restart many things in my live.

New job, New house, New provider, New publication engine..... but same family.

New job

After 10 years in this company, where i forge a solid CV, i decide to come back at sources, IT architecture for the public sector.

New House

I say "Public Sector"... so no company car for daddy, only a big one with a driver that I share with many other people.

This is a problem to bring the little guy at school. That's why the family decide to move near the school, in a new house

New Provider, New publication engine

Long time ago, i decide to put this site to a domino powerd provider, who's also provide me email facilities, but in the last 6 month, the site become instable, and the email system was bouncing every time.

And when you make some hard work in a new house, your wife need a stable email.....

That's why Unclephil Dot Net have moved at the Gandi site and is now powered by Dotclear